Expert WordPress Solutions

At Digital Hype Media, we specialize in expert WordPress solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re an e-commerce brand, a service company, or any other industry, we build custom websites that drive conversions. Our expertise lies in conversion rate optimization, increasing average order value, improving site speed, optimizing SEO, and enhancing your online presence through Google and Bing business profiles. We can revamp and optimize your existing WordPress site to maximize its performance and impact, or build you a complete new website from scratch.

Our expert team of WordPress developers are some of the best out there. We can tailor a solution to any type of business and ensure maximum performance in all aspects of your new website.

WordPress Security Enhancement

A potential downside of operating a WordPress website is the potential for compromised security via poor setup, out of date plugins, etc. When we build your website we take many steps to ensure you and your users a 100% secure experience with no holes. If you're currently experiencing a security threat, reach out to us ASAP so we can help you regain optimum control of your WordPress.

Speed & Performance Optimizations

One of the most important features of a website in terms of search engine performance is speed, page indexing, and user experience. We build every page of every website with this in mind to make sure we hand you over the keys to not only a website, but a high performing machine. This compliments well especially when you want to run any type of advertisements to your web pages.

Built Turnkey & Future-proofed

Have you ever had someone build you a website, only to find out later that it was held together on a single thread? We know how that feels and that's why we have set out to offer a new type of experience. If you take a peek under the hood, you won't only be satisfied, but rather impressed with the way we structure our work. This leads to minimal maintenance down the road, and ensures strong future performance.

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

After we finish your shiny new website we won't just leave you hanging and stand unaccountable. We offer multiple tiers of monthly WordPress up-keep plans for websites of all sizes. We will monitor for any threats, and take care of updating all softwares and plugins. If you're looking for added performance we offer robust monthly SEO packages designed to drive more traffic and conversions. This is why 9 out of 10 clients end up using our monthly services after working with us.


Please fill out the form with your best contact information and any helpful information regarding your needs. We typically reach back out within 24 hours.