Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy for Digital Hype Media

Last Updated: 11-29-2023

1. Introduction

Welcome to Digital Hype Media, a space where passion for training meets the digital world. We understand that in this digital age, the preservation of your privacy is crucial. This Privacy Policy serves as a testament to our commitment to protecting your data. We’ve created this extensive guide to explain our data practices, the measures we adopt to ensure your information’s safety, and the rights you have concerning your data.

2. The Scope of This Policy

This policy encompasses our website, https://www.digitalhypemedia.com/, and all associated services and functionalities provided by Digital Hype Media. It’s essential for you, as our valued user, to understand our practices and ensure they align with your comfort and expectations.

3. Information Collection and Its Necessity

In our pursuit to offer an unparalleled service, certain user information becomes pivotal. The categories include:

4. The Methods and Technologies Behind Collection

Data collection might sound invasive, but with the right tools and transparent methods, it’s a seamless process. We leverage:

5. The Pillars of Our Information Usage

While data collection is crucial, its utilization defines our commitment to you. Your data primarily helps in:

6. Tracking Technologies, Cookies, and Your Choices

To improve functionality and user experience, we rely on technologies like cookies, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel. They help in:

However, your autonomy is paramount. Most browsers allow you to manage cookie settings, letting you decide the extent of data you’re comfortable sharing.

7. Ensuring Your Data’s Sanctity

Data security isn’t just a responsibility; it’s our commitment. While we adopt industry-leading measures, it’s essential to understand the volatile nature of the internet. No platform can guarantee absolute security, but our dedication to safeguarding your data remains unwavering.

8. Partners in Our Endeavor

To continuously refine our offerings, we collaborate with third-party giants like Google and Facebook. While these collaborations amplify our services, our commitment remains to ensure your data isn’t compromised. Any data shared remains anonymized and adheres to strict confidentiality agreements.

9. A Note on Children’s Privacy

Digital Hype Media’s offerings are curated for those aged 13 and above. We’re adamant about not knowingly collecting data from children below this age. Parents and guardians play a pivotal role in ensuring online safety, and we encourage their proactive involvement.

10. Navigating Policy Evolutions

The digital realm is ever-evolving, demanding us to stay vigilant and adaptive. While our core principles remain unshaken, there might be occasional modifications to this policy. Rest assured, any significant change meant to affect your rights or our data practices will be communicated transparently.

11. CCPA and Your Rights

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) empowers Californian residents with specific rights concerning their personal information. We’re staunch supporters of these rights, allowing users to request access, deletion, and even opt-out of any potential sales.

12. Our Intellectual Property

Every piece of content, be it text, graphics, videos, or other multimedia, is copyrighted property of Digital Hype Media. We urge our users to respect this intellectual property and refrain from unauthorized reproductions.

13. Building Bridges of Communication

Your feedback, inquiries, and even apprehensions are invaluable. Our channels of communication are always open, eager to address any concerns or celebrate any feedback you might have. Do reach out at info@digitalhypemedia.com.

14. Consent and Continuous Engagement

By subscribing to our newsletters, interacting with our contact forms, or merely browsing our website, you’re engaging with our services. This engagement is seen as a nod to our practices, making it essential for you to be thoroughly informed and comfortable with this policy.


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