Expert Shopify Solutions

Looking for expert Shopify or Shopify Plus solutions that elevate your online store? Look no further than Digital Hype Media. We design and develop custom-built Shopify websites that cater to diverse industries, including e-commerce brands and service companies. We also have strong relationships with trusted 3PL’s and loads of experience with Amazon FBM / FBA, and can help optimize all of your fulfillment channels and operations. Our core focuses are: conversion rate optimization, average order value, enhancing user experience, and driving results through various other factors. We offer services such as site speed optimization, on-page and off-page SEO, Google Business Manager and Merchant Center improvements, hyper-accurate conversion tracking, and a lot more.

Whether you need a brand-new Shopify store or want to revamp and scale your existing one, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Shopify App & Store Optimization

With the wide selection of Shopify Apps and integrations, it can be overwhelming to choose which will help your store and workflow. The good thing is, we have tested them all (well.. most of them) and we stay up to date on the newest trends. Not only do we implement select plugins to enhance user experience, but we are masters at raising conversion rates, average order value and traffic. After everything is dialed and designed, we then execute speed optimizations and technical SEO fixes for better treatment from search engines and paid ads.

Automated Marketing & Communications

An essential piece of a successful e-commerce store is the ability to automate as much of the customer's journey as possible. When you're store has a ton of traffic it's too easy for important things to fall through the cracks. We will implement automated email and marketing flows, customer service messaging automations, pair you with trusted call facilities with your own staff of live customer service agents trained specifically on your brand and products, and partner you with fulfillment centers that can handle high-volume stores.

Built Turnkey & Future-proofed

Have you ever had someone build you a website, only to find out later that it was held together on a single thread? We know how that feels and that's why we have set out to offer a new type of experience. If you take a peek under the hood, you won't only be satisfied, but rather impressed with the way we structure our work. This leads to minimal maintenance down the road, and ensures strong future performance. We have a deep understanding of how to build stores that are scalable.

Monthly Shopify Maintenance

After we finish your shiny new website we won't just leave you hanging and stand unaccountable. We offer multiple tiers of monthly Shopify up-keep plans for websites of all sizes. We will keep apps and themes up to date, and monitor for any other issues that may arise, as well as run your store completely, essentially taking this entire workload off of your plate. If you're looking for added performance, we offer robust monthly SEO packages designed to drive more traffic and conversions. This is why 9 out of 10 clients end up using our monthly services after working with us.


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